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I read Elizabeth Gilbert‘s new book Big Magic a while ago. It is so positive and encouraging and the stories of writers, poets and musicians are truly inspiring. On 26 November 2015 Elizabeth Gilbert visited Dublin as part of an event by Dublin UNESCO. It was a fantastic night chaired by Roisin Ingle. One line kept coming back to me, which were words of advice from Elizabeth’s mother which was “Done is better than good.”

After that event I found an old photo of my mother from the 1960’s drinking tea. It triggered some really happy memories and I wrote a few hundred words and sent it into the Irish Times Life for consideration in the Family Fortunes feature. It is published in the Irish Times today 11 December 2015. There’s something very special about sharing a pot of tea. 

Irish Times Family Fortunes: All I want for Christmas is a cup of tea with my Mother

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments on the Irish Times Facebook page.

In 2013 I recorded a piece for Mother’s Day for the RTÉ Radio 1 Sunday Miscellany Show entitled “Goodbye Nora, Remembering all Mothers.” 

My mother drinking tea in her home in the 1960's in Dublin

My mother drinking tea in her home in the 1960’s in Dublin